Montreal mini-vacation!

Last weekend Adam & I hopped on VIA Rail and had a 4 day weekend away in Montreal. (Well, 2 and a bit days really, as the first day/night was staying with a colleague of Adam’s outside Montreal, and Monday was half travel anyhow.) It was awesome to get away, have a change of scenery, but I think we pushed ourselves a little much walking around. We should’ve taken a bit more time to sit and relax, because it’s really what the both of us needed; by the time we were checking out of the hotel on Monday all we wanted to do was sit about in a cafe. (Which is not a terrible prospect for coffee lovers.) (Sorry we were too exhausted for you, Mont Royal, various museums, most of Old Montreal.) (PS. The cafe was Cafe Myriade, and the coffee as outstanding, and not far from Crudessence/Green Panther/Cafe Verdure!).

What we did do was eat delicious food, drink (mostly) great coffee, and wander randomly to explore stores/parks/streets. And that’s what we like out of vacations, mostly! I guess I just wanted MORE vacation. Which is a pretty natural response when getting away – trying to find that fine line between just enough break and wanting the comfort of home. Next vacation will be all about the downtime and chilling out, I think! (Added bonus of this: not missing Jake the dog 100% of every day and having a pang every time you walk past someone else’s dog in the street.)

So, enjoy a selection of the photos from our trip, and if you want to see the rest I’ve uploaded, you can see my photoset on Flickr. I’ve included some links in the captions, too!

Browsing games. We do this a lot when we travel! It leads to great finds.

Pourquois Pas – americano. They serve Pilot coffee, and have amazing vegan treats! Win win.

Cafe Melbourne – run by a couple of Aussies – they’d just opened the day we stumbled upon them. They serve a fairly generic bean (we were unfamiliar with the brand), but they do a killer espresso-based beverage! Lucky Montreal.

Window seat @ Flocon Espresso Bar. I didn’t try the coffee (Adam said it was so-so), but I was entertained by their use of space here.)

We stumbled upon this alley/loading bay covered in an amazing mural.

Cobbled street in Old Montreal, complete with accidental lens flare.

We popped into Montreal’s new-ish vegan bakery, Sophie Sucree. They have a great range of GF stuff, like this brownie (top), which was nice to see! I still stuffed my face with a beignet (bottom).

Incredible Italian ‘meatball’ sandwich on a freshly made GF bun at Cafe Verdure. Totally GF, vegan cafe. They had some great donuts and cookies, too!


Brunch at Aux Vivres. We ate here about 3 or 4 times. It was just down the street from Cafe Melbourne, handily! Similar to Toronto’s Fresh, but better.

And when someone says to get the dragon bowl at Aux Vivres (or anything with dragon sauce), just do it.

Sunrise from our hotel window.


Adam experiences pain. (This is funny to us because Adam’s celiac, and bread really does mean pain to him.)


I look forward to visiting Montreal again someday soon, especially seeing as how much the coffee & vegan eats scene has improved since I first visited in 2004! But until then, hopefully onto some more Canadian destinations.


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