Digital Dozen time!

  • You know it’s October when all of the horror/Halloween stuff starts ramping up. Like this wonderful Treehouse of Horror opener from Guillermo del Toro. I really need to rewatch Pan’s Labyrinth.
  • Ever wondered what Monopoly locations look like in real life (if you are familiar with the North American version, anyhow.) Well, someone’s gone and photographed them as they all are now.
  • How about spaceships? They’re pretty awesome. Take a look at this massive illustrated chart someone’s put together of all sci-fi spaceships ever (pretty much). It’s huge, and there’s a link to the larger image on the page to check out.
  • Get ready for the holiday season with these badass winter sweaters! Aw yiss.
  • And if you’d rather go 80s to keep warm, how about this Orko hoodie? I wonder how many people would understand what this is? I’d sure as heck wear this for fun!
  • Nature is constantly wonderful and random. Sponges in a reef have fused together to create this face:
  • Speaking of cookie monsters.. here’s the real one being taught about delayed gratification from the lovely Tom Hiddlestone..
  • The things people can do with projection and light and shapes is truly astounding. I don’t even understand how something like this is done. So cool.
  • Someone has amazing skill and detail here – beautifully carved crayons detailing Game of Thrones houses, Star Wars-y things & Adventure Time characters! Nice.
  • The concept of a large city being so empty is a strange one. (Although go into Central London on xmas day & you’re gonna see it.) This video, Hypocentre, of an empty Paris is pretty trippy.
  • Who needs to see an otter playing like a dog? You do!
  • There’s so much personality in this shot, I love it. Off into the weekend for us all!

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