Things.. Well, just things Thursday really.


I had kinda forgotten/not realised it was Thursday. Being off work on a Monday means my brain is whack for the rest of the week. (Hence I didn’t think I’d stacked off blogging so much.) There’s a little grump edge today, but i’m trying to grab the love!

Didn’t have long to settle back in before we had to tetris shuffle our apartment and hide everything under drop sheets – we had our windows replaced today. I love them, they’re nice and shiny and we have a non-drafty balcony door now which will be nice in winter. But I don’t like the disruption to my home 😦 I just want to be comfortable and clean, y’know? And for the work to be done so we can put everything back. Whoo.

I love there’s a new vegan bakery store front in Toronto! Although seeing how I overindulged in Montreal, I need to hold it on the treats for a while. But Through Being Cool make some amazing stuff – I taste tested some for a certain café that ended up being jerks and not ordering her stuff in.

Weekends are so good. I know I just had an extra long one in Montreal, but I love the regular weekends of pottering, hangouts, relaxing and just recharging. I am craving that weekend so bad right now! Soon.

Risotto. I always get mad at how long it takes to make, but it’s really just wonderful. So so tasty. Love it.


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