Digital Dozen – enjoy your reading while I traipse in Montreal!

I managed to get my shiz together in time to schedule this post for while I’m jaunting in Montreal for a long weekend as a birthday vacation. Wooohoo! Hope your weekend is delightful too, dear reader.

  • It seems like the geeky engagement shoot has become a thing. It’s pretty great, because there’s some creative and wonderful things that come of it. (Although I don’t understand the concept of an engagement shoot myself, it seems a very North American thing.) Anyhow! This one is great – even if it’s a photoshoot/photoshop hybrid – with some wonderful choices including my favourite:
  • Sometimes there’s a magical thing that happens, and a Tumblr account is created that fills a void none of us knew existed. I present for your viewing pleasure, Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos.
  • Have you ever seen any of comedian/musician Tim Minchin’s performances? You should poke around on YouTube and check them out. He’s a pretty smart and witty dude in general, and recently gave an occasional address at the University of Western Australia (where he attended). The video is below, but there’s also the text of his speech at his website if you’re not in a place to watch the video and/or would like handy text for quoting!
  • If you’re into Whedony things, this big interview over at Entertainment Weekly is a good read. I do so love his tone and humour.
  • Breaking Bad finale tomorrow! Oh gosh. Scott C did an awesome painting of all the characters upon the mountain. It’s amazing.
  • Late night shows are getting on the BB wagon too, with some great features for farewelling the show. Conan had a themed show this last week, here’s his cold open:

    And then Jimmy Fallon did a parody, “Joking Bad”:
  • Speaking of Jimmy Fallon, he’s just the bees knees. He has some great fun with guests, and I encourage you to get into a YouTube vortex with these: History of Rap 1 & 2, 3, 4; lip syncing with Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (and also with John Krasinski if you can find it, I can’t); and this ridiculous sketch he did with Steve Carroll and Justin Timberlake. Swoon.
  • There’s some wonderful Game of Thrones fan art out there, but I can’t think of anything quite as wonderful as this Lion-King-esque Lannister family portrait.
  • Kinetic Sand is amazing and I want some RIGHT NOW to play with. You will, too. Amazingness.
  • I want the Totoro one! Art deco-inspired Miyazaki prints.
  • This is how you advertise a science museum. Love the creativity!
  • And to end on a note to make you smile, have a dog playing in leaves:

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