State of the Jake

We’re coming up on our three month anniversary of Jake coming to live with us! Since we last spoke, he’s settled in with us a lot more. He’s definitely playing a lot more (and that’s for sure his favourite thing to do with Adam) and it’s so adorable to see how giddy with excitement (leaping up in the air and bouncing off our legs being just the beginning..) he is to see us. My favourite new thing is how he has to come over to say good morning to me after coming out of his kennel before he’ll happily go out for his morning walk with Adam. Aw.

The visit to Winnipeg was fine as far as travelling with him goes. The flights were a little stressful, but he dealt with it by mostly napping. While we were there we stayed with Adam’s parents, and Jake got the run of their beautiful big backyard. Lots of running about and sniffing, exploring – and eating raspberries right off the bush. Hanging out with friends’ dogs was tough, but he eventually started to benefit from the socialization. Still really bloody hated seeing cats though 🙂

I’m not sure it was the greatest to have such a break in environment and routine, however. He’s been terrible with walking beside us on walks because we didn’t get out so much in Winnipeg.  His response to training commands has taken a hit also, and that’s really our fault for not maintaining the homework with him. He’s also started to have occasional accidents in the house which is tough – he’s an adult dog after all, so we’re not sure what the cause of that is. We think we’ve narrowed it down to him perhaps doing it as retaliation when our attention isn’t 100% focused on him at home – if we’re in the kitchen or something  like that. It’s tough to know how to curb that behaviour, because we simply can’t focus on him constantly!

Something else that’s been worrying me, but i’m sure will settle down over the next few months, is his often random reactions to people. He’s fine one minute and then leaping and barking the next at someone. (This happens with some dogs too.) It’s hard to know what sets him off. There’s also workmen in our building constantly at the moment and their boorish behaviour is not just tiring for us humans, but they often antagonize Jake when they see him barking like mad. (He seems to have an aversion to any and all workmen, possibly all men in some sort of service uniform? He’s reacting like this across the board without anything other than the sight of them to set him off.)

For now we’re trying to get him to sit calmly before meeting another dog on a walk (which sometimes helps) and socialize more generally with other dogs (he’s going to hang out with some friends of ours with Corgis while we’re in Montreal this upcoming weekend which is really good for him). And having to carry him when our lobby and elevators are busy is easier and definitely better for my peace of mind right now knowing he won’t step over the line to bite anyone. He did really well at a big outdoor festival I took him to at the start of the month, though – with people, no problems, and with dogs only some. Well, it’ll be a process to watch.

I tell you what, though. The bonding is well and truly set in for me especially.. Now I’ve gone back to work I find myself missing this little guy’s company throughout the day, which means packing in extra snuggling in bed in the morning when I can!


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