Digital Dozen for your reading and internet vortex pleasure

Grab a cuppa, settle in and soon enough you’ll look up in a haze of “Oh, have I been looking at stuff on the internet for 3 hours?” Enjoy!

  • Let’s start with something heartwarming and equality-affirming, shall we? Have a look through the photos at Hold Hands In Sochi, the Same Sex Hand Holding Initiative. This is a “campaign to ask everyone present at the 2014 Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Games to take every opportunity to hold hands in public with a person of the same sex to denounce the anti-gay laws in Russia and to call the IOC to action to end discrmination in sport”.
  • I love to see animals in their natural habitats, and this series of images of the Glowing Bobtail Squid are an incredible example. Keep them where they belong!


  • More nature awesome – see what it looks like scooting about on the back of an eagle. The parts where it’s gliding are so amaaaaaazing.
  • Nothing specifically Adventure Time this week, but if you’re into that show you’d probably dig Bravest Warriors from the same creator. There’s a very short first season (all online to watch!), and they’ve made some mini videos to bridge into season 2, so get watching!
  • I’ve never seen anything quite like this “motion graphics-infused” dance piece before, it’s super engaging!
  • Ever wanted to see the Galapogas Islands? Now you can! Google street view, bringing wonderful natural habitats and animals into your computer boxes daily. (And at least we’ll always have street view of the Great Barrier Reef too, seeing as PM Tony Abbott is out to destroy it.)
  • Geena Davis shows off her Olympic-level archery skills in support of gender equality in film, television & …archery 🙂
  • I’ve linked to some awesome themed bedrooms before, but this Super Mario one obviously takes the cake. So super!

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