Time to TILT – Things I Love Thursday!

  • I love Belsoy Dark Chocolate pudding. Their other ones are okay, but when I see the Dark Chocolate one on the shelf I am COMPELLED to purchase it. So chocolatey. So smooth and puddingy. Mmm.
  • So far I’m loving working at my new job. Even though I have none of the front line skills, it’s amazing to help support a not for profit community health centre with the skills I do have behind the scenes.
  • After I moaned about not being able to keep motivated with photo challenges, I’ve managed to participate in the FMS one each day since then! I love that it’s got my creative thinking process going again.
  • I love counting down to stuff – it’s my birthday in just one week, and then the following day i’m off to Montreal with Adam! (I don’t love the prospect of being away from the little furry monster Jake for 4 days though. Wah.)
  • Tea. Love it. Sometimes I am so into coffee I forget this leafy wonder. I’m having a few days off coffee because it seems to be giving me stomach blahs, and having a nice mug of English Breakfast is terrific each morning. I might pay a visit to the David’s Tea in my ‘hood and see what their fall mixes are like at the moment and treat myself.

What’s everyone loving up today?


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2 responses to “Time to TILT – Things I Love Thursday!”

  1. MeShell says :

    mmm. dark chocolate pudding…. tea…. mmmmm. I also love these things.

    Job satisfaction is a huge one, and I’m glad you’re feeling it. Considering how much time people usually spend working, it makes life better when work is pleasant and meaningful!!! I’m happy for you!

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