Things I Love Thursday!

Wow, where has the week gone? I’ve been meaning to say so many things, post so many photos – but it’s not happened! I hope to queue up some stuff for the days ahead – talking about my residency/job search, maybe taking part in a month long photo challenge, chatting about an exhibit I visited, games I’ve been playing, linking around to some Vegan Mofo stuff, product reviews.. There’s gotta be some space in my brain to churn those out! Until then, here’s what’s keeping me happy.

Postcards! One of my favourite things is receiving/collecting postcards. I’ve posted a small selection of what i’ve got on my walls before, but this week postcards have been happy-making because I’ve been getting them in the mail, another fave thing of mine! From Waterton & Prince Edward Island in Canada, and all the way from the UAE! It’s awesome, and they’re hanging out on the fridge making me wish I was going exciting places to collect more postcards.

A good while ago now I joined a vegan knitting group here in Toronto; I’ve got a little crafting in my bones and I wanted to meet some other lovely vegans. As a result I learnt to knit a little, but ended up learning how to crochet also and loving it even more! I just find it so much easier to grab the yarn and hook and go about something and the motions are much easier to remember.  I’ve tried all sorts of things – hats, scarves, dishcloths, coasters, toys – and learnt a bunch of stitches and combinations along the way which make me feel more confident I could whip something up off the top of my head. Maybe I should give hat making another try!

I love that my garden has been going well! Some hitches to begin with, but great amounts of green abound.  A modest amount of cherry tomatoes, some lovely herbs for dressings and salads, and more red hot chilis than I know what to do with. I’m sad as we go into fall (autumn) that I’ll have to harvest everything down to the nub in preparation for it all to die off in the winter. Booo.

Garden August/Sept

And speaking of fall (autumn) – this is such a nice time of year! I love September anyhow, because it’s my birthday month, but even doubly so now that I get beautiful cooler weather and turning leaves to go with it (rather than albeit lovely spring weather back home, but terrible hayfever allergies, urgh!). September in Toronto is busy as folks squeeze the last bit of summer out of patios and parks and the islands, the Vegetarian Food Festival is on, and TIFF hits town. So much stuff going on! And I’ll be heading to Montreal for the last weekend of the month with my sweetie to celebrate my birthday this year. Awesome.

Enjoy your Thursdays, folks – or Fridays if you’re already on the way into it.


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