This week’s digital dozen!

It’s a very lazy, drizzly Saturday. I hope you find yourself somewhere nice with a cuppa to kick back and browse these.

  • Coffee is a big deal for some of us. So you might enjoy this hilarious & NSFW (depending on where you work) mug: “What do we want? Coffee! When do we want it? I’LL FUCKING CUT YOU.” Grab a factory second from the Diesel Sweeties store.
  • And because getting coffee is SO important even for astronauts, NASA have used SCIENCE to make sure they can drink it with ease when in zero-gravity. That’s a pretty fine use of resources.
  • Have you seen the World’s End yet? It’s a bloody good time. I’ll have to write a review soon. Check out all 12 signs from the pubs in the movie here (slight spoilers; also, that gent in the King’s Head looks familiar..), and this Great Showdown of the movie by Scott C (he’s also done Shaun and Hot Fuzz showdowns in the past!)
  • An artist collaborates with her daughter to create amazing surreal sketches – there’s too many to pick a terrific highlight, go and check them all out!
  • A smart and funny short film that should make all of us feel a little guilty: “I Forgot My Phone“.
  • l would love a shiny metal fridge, especially if it came adorned as such (if only this were real!). It could lead to a cantina redecoration of my house though. Worse things have happened..
  • I recently watched the Mythbusters Breaking Bad episode, and was slightly underwhelmed. I think this episode of Fact or Fiction actually discusses the science of the show in a more concise and interesting way. Basically the science in the show is fact-ish with a liberal dose of storytelling convenience. At least they tried!
  • I’m sitting here writing this at a laptop with my head pointed down and my legs all crossed, basically being a poster child for garbage posture. Watch and learn how to improve posture if you’re sitting a lot – especially at a computer – all day!
  • Do you have a void in your life that could be filled with Peanuts cartoons overlaid with Smiths lyrics? I thought so.
  • When I first heard the clip of this played on Pop Culture Happy Hour, I honestly thought it was a cover! It’s kind of amazing. Dolly Parton’s Jolene slowed down 17%.
  • This is a really important PSA about the slaughter and capture of dolphins in Japan. Please take the time to watch, and also to check out the documentary ‘The Cove’.
  • And now for a moment of zen to end on.. the full circle rainbow:



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2 responses to “This week’s digital dozen!”

  1. sillypunk (@sillypunk) says :

    Oh man, I need to get the coffee mugs for people at work. We have a lot of coffee drinkers.

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