Things I love Thursday

Well, let’s get the obvious one out of the way, shall we? Oh man, I love finally being a permanent resident of Canada! I know I’ve been living here in a variety of capacities since 2009, but now this application is done, and I have my paperwork, I do feel different. I can get on with finding a job again, and know that I can stay for good. That makes me pretty happy indeed when I wake up next to the mister and the pup and know I’m home.

I love cilantro (aka fresh coriander). I made a chili for lunch today (a slight variation on the black bean chili in Isa Moskowitz’s Appetite for Reduction) and one of the final steps is adding a cup of chopped cilantro. Ohh the delicious smell! Freshly chopped and aromatic as hell, and it adds a tasty touch to the chili too. Throwing it on top of all sorts of soups and stews and tacos and curries is the best thing. I am so sorry for those of you with a cilantro aversion!

There’s tennis courts and a playing field in my neighbourhood, and along parts of the chain link perimeter that fences it in, there’s some lovely urban greenery which I love. It makes for a nice stretch of a walk to head up to the grocery store or out with Jake along that way at this time of year. Vines, small garden beds, lovely trees with strange mushrooms sprouting forth.


And finally, a word of love to all my friends who have stepped up to help this week. I am struggling whipping my resume into shape, and needed leads on agencies etc to look for work, and lots of people have given me help and advice that’s priceless. I know some great people.


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4 responses to “Things I love Thursday”

  1. Jen Damned says :

    You know great people because you are a great people. We love you, and love you being where home is.

  2. quavehead says :

    Congrats on the permanent residency. 🙂 It’s great to ‘hear’ all the good news. Hearing “cilantro” reminds me of growing up in Colombia, as that’s what it’s called there too.

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