The Digital Dozen is back!

After a couple of Saturdays away, i’m back to serve up some piping hot distractions and shiny things. Enjoy!

  • It looks like my dog Jake isn’t the only one who enjoys belly rubsthis baby lizard is SO into it!
  • When I was a kid I used to LOVE doing spirographs! So you can imagine i’m completely in love with this intricate spirograph world map. AMAZING. I want it up on my wall!
  • Having these cubist paintings on my wall would make me feel like a real art-loving adult while still indulging the nerd within. Well, not within, i’m not going to kid myself.


  • EVOL once installed streets and buildings underneath a rural farm field. At first it’s just kinda “Oh, some buildings just under the grass“.. and then you scroll down and it shows PEOPLE WALKING THROUGH! I wanna stomp through like Godzilla.
  • Your dose of Adventure Time! Some rad guy got a Jake the Dog engagement ring made for his lady friend. It’s pretty awesome. What is even greater is that it mentions later on he’s got a matching ring that’s Jake’s butt. Ha!
  • These macro shots of the insides of musical instruments are magical. Seriously, this looks like a room you could walk through!
  • “My daughter had a nightmare about me getting sucked into the computer, after she watched Tron. This is what she will wake up to”.. I can’t decide whether this is the worst or best idea for a parent, ever. I’m leaning toward how it’s bloody hilarious.
  • Correcting 79 common mispronunciations! There’s a couple in there that I feel might just be because of accents, and not actual mispronunciation (like his lava and pasta mentions).. but there’s so many that people just read WRONGLY, holy wow.
  • My friend Leigh posted this link on Facebook and I have to share it on: wildlife take over abandoned spaces. The result is like pictures from a story book of some kind, only they’re real and they’re photos! Do yourself a favour and visit to see them all, I can’t pick one to highlight.
  • Museum inside a freight elevator! It’s like a modern cabinet of curiosities. Very cool idea.
  • 5000-year-old game pieces have been found in Turkey! They’re so beautiful. Man, I wonder how the game was played. It’s amazing to think that previously we thought the oldest game was the Royal Game of Ur, but this blows it out of the water!
  • Because i’m all about Edgar Wright currently thanks to rewatching Shaun of the Dead & heading along on opening day here for the World’s End, I was super excited to see him mention an art show dedicated to his work. You can see a slideshow of it here. I’m pretty in love with the Golden Books & the Spaced poster, but I must admit this is terrific:

Enjoy your weekend!


2 responses to “The Digital Dozen is back!”

  1. Fiona Martin says :


    Totally a pet peeve hearing people pronounce it incorrectly here. >_>

  2. Jen Damned says :

    Oh, the little piggies! They remind me of your favourite pigs from the UQAM.

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