Things I Love Thursday!

After a few weeks of knowing I’ll be getting my permanent residency but ridiculous bureaucracy and dumb delays in their responses to me holding up getting my paperwork, I have many many reasons to focus on the positive today! Also, hello again – I was away in Winnipeg for 10 days with Adam visiting his family and friends. I didn’t have a lot of time or a real computer to sit at to cobble together my TILT or Digital Dozen posts (it’s hard to put together posts with more than one image/link in the WordPress app!).

SO! Breaking Bad is back and I love it. I flail with anxiety/excitement/omgwtf as we get closer and closer to the end of it all. Which reminds me, I gotta watch the Mythbusters Breaking Bad special!

I follow this Instagram account, which is just  photos of women’s legs. It sounds weird, but I love it so much! You see such a variety of shapes/sizes and fashion, it’s wonderful. A strange kind of art. I suggest you check it out.

This weekend i’m going to a wedding and I need a dress appropriate for larking about in a garden party reception. There’s been a recent addition on Bloor in my neighbourhood – Kind Exchange (who have a number of other locations) – which is a second-hand clothing store with hand-picked stuff. I got two dresses for under $30! Wonderful. I love finding great new stores to visit in my ‘hood.

Getting crafty! I’ve started crocheting dishclothes which is easy and fun and enormously satisfying. While visiting in Winnipeg I was inspired by our friend Charlene’s transformation of pins/buttons into magnets – I grabbed some cheap magnets and tried it out with some of my reserve of pins (soooo many), and I’m so pleased with it! I’m gonna churn out loads more.

Normally I freak out having to sit in the window seat on flights (I’m an aisle person), but that’s where I got sat because we took Jake on the flight with us. It helped having Adam next to me too, in the middle seat. So I dealt okay and loved getting to see a great view from the plane!
CloverLake view

I loved getting to see Jake get to have some backyard time when we were in Winnipeg staying with Adam’s parents. Rollin’ around in the grass, sniffing things, sneaking raspberries & chasing Adam. So wonderful.


And speaking of my two guys.. yep, love. So much love.
Adam & Jake in the park

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