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This week’s digital dozen!

It’s a very lazy, drizzly Saturday. I hope you find yourself somewhere nice with a cuppa to kick back and browse these.

  • Coffee is a big deal for some of us. So you might enjoy this hilarious & NSFW (depending on where you work) mug: “What do we want? Coffee! When do we want it? I’LL FUCKING CUT YOU.” Grab a factory second from the Diesel Sweeties store.
  • And because getting coffee is SO important even for astronauts, NASA have used SCIENCE to make sure they can drink it with ease when in zero-gravity. That’s a pretty fine use of resources.
  • Have you seen the World’s End yet? It’s a bloody good time. I’ll have to write a review soon. Check out all 12 signs from the pubs in the movie here (slight spoilers; also, that gent in the King’s Head looks familiar..), and this Great Showdown of the movie by Scott C (he’s also done Shaun and Hot Fuzz showdowns in the past!)
  • An artist collaborates with her daughter to create amazing surreal sketches – there’s too many to pick a terrific highlight, go and check them all out!
  • A smart and funny short film that should make all of us feel a little guilty: “I Forgot My Phone“.
  • l would love a shiny metal fridge, especially if it came adorned as such (if only this were real!). It could lead to a cantina redecoration of my house though. Worse things have happened..
  • I recently watched the Mythbusters Breaking Bad episode, and was slightly underwhelmed. I think this episode of Fact or Fiction actually discusses the science of the show in a more concise and interesting way. Basically the science in the show is fact-ish with a liberal dose of storytelling convenience. At least they tried!
  • I’m sitting here writing this at a laptop with my head pointed down and my legs all crossed, basically being a poster child for garbage posture. Watch and learn how to improve posture if you’re sitting a lot – especially at a computer – all day!
  • Do you have a void in your life that could be filled with Peanuts cartoons overlaid with Smiths lyrics? I thought so.
  • When I first heard the clip of this played on Pop Culture Happy Hour, I honestly thought it was a cover! It’s kind of amazing. Dolly Parton’s Jolene slowed down 17%.
  • This is a really important PSA about the slaughter and capture of dolphins in Japan. Please take the time to watch, and also to check out the documentary ‘The Cove’.
  • And now for a moment of zen to end on.. the full circle rainbow:


Things I love Thursday

Well, let’s get the obvious one out of the way, shall we? Oh man, I love finally being a permanent resident of Canada! I know I’ve been living here in a variety of capacities since 2009, but now this application is done, and I have my paperwork, I do feel different. I can get on with finding a job again, and know that I can stay for good. That makes me pretty happy indeed when I wake up next to the mister and the pup and know I’m home.

I love cilantro (aka fresh coriander). I made a chili for lunch today (a slight variation on the black bean chili in Isa Moskowitz’s Appetite for Reduction) and one of the final steps is adding a cup of chopped cilantro. Ohh the delicious smell! Freshly chopped and aromatic as hell, and it adds a tasty touch to the chili too. Throwing it on top of all sorts of soups and stews and tacos and curries is the best thing. I am so sorry for those of you with a cilantro aversion!

There’s tennis courts and a playing field in my neighbourhood, and along parts of the chain link perimeter that fences it in, there’s some lovely urban greenery which I love. It makes for a nice stretch of a walk to head up to the grocery store or out with Jake along that way at this time of year. Vines, small garden beds, lovely trees with strange mushrooms sprouting forth.


And finally, a word of love to all my friends who have stepped up to help this week. I am struggling whipping my resume into shape, and needed leads on agencies etc to look for work, and lots of people have given me help and advice that’s priceless. I know some great people.

The Digital Dozen is back!

After a couple of Saturdays away, i’m back to serve up some piping hot distractions and shiny things. Enjoy!

  • It looks like my dog Jake isn’t the only one who enjoys belly rubsthis baby lizard is SO into it!
  • When I was a kid I used to LOVE doing spirographs! So you can imagine i’m completely in love with this intricate spirograph world map. AMAZING. I want it up on my wall!
  • Having these cubist paintings on my wall would make me feel like a real art-loving adult while still indulging the nerd within. Well, not within, i’m not going to kid myself.


  • EVOL once installed streets and buildings underneath a rural farm field. At first it’s just kinda “Oh, some buildings just under the grass“.. and then you scroll down and it shows PEOPLE WALKING THROUGH! I wanna stomp through like Godzilla.
  • Your dose of Adventure Time! Some rad guy got a Jake the Dog engagement ring made for his lady friend. It’s pretty awesome. What is even greater is that it mentions later on he’s got a matching ring that’s Jake’s butt. Ha!
  • These macro shots of the insides of musical instruments are magical. Seriously, this looks like a room you could walk through!
  • “My daughter had a nightmare about me getting sucked into the computer, after she watched Tron. This is what she will wake up to”.. I can’t decide whether this is the worst or best idea for a parent, ever. I’m leaning toward how it’s bloody hilarious.
  • Correcting 79 common mispronunciations! There’s a couple in there that I feel might just be because of accents, and not actual mispronunciation (like his lava and pasta mentions).. but there’s so many that people just read WRONGLY, holy wow.
  • My friend Leigh posted this link on Facebook and I have to share it on: wildlife take over abandoned spaces. The result is like pictures from a story book of some kind, only they’re real and they’re photos! Do yourself a favour and visit to see them all, I can’t pick one to highlight.
  • Museum inside a freight elevator! It’s like a modern cabinet of curiosities. Very cool idea.
  • 5000-year-old game pieces have been found in Turkey! They’re so beautiful. Man, I wonder how the game was played. It’s amazing to think that previously we thought the oldest game was the Royal Game of Ur, but this blows it out of the water!
  • Because i’m all about Edgar Wright currently thanks to rewatching Shaun of the Dead & heading along on opening day here for the World’s End, I was super excited to see him mention an art show dedicated to his work. You can see a slideshow of it here. I’m pretty in love with the Golden Books & the Spaced poster, but I must admit this is terrific:

Enjoy your weekend!

Things I Love Thursday!

After a few weeks of knowing I’ll be getting my permanent residency but ridiculous bureaucracy and dumb delays in their responses to me holding up getting my paperwork, I have many many reasons to focus on the positive today! Also, hello again – I was away in Winnipeg for 10 days with Adam visiting his family and friends. I didn’t have a lot of time or a real computer to sit at to cobble together my TILT or Digital Dozen posts (it’s hard to put together posts with more than one image/link in the WordPress app!).

SO! Breaking Bad is back and I love it. I flail with anxiety/excitement/omgwtf as we get closer and closer to the end of it all. Which reminds me, I gotta watch the Mythbusters Breaking Bad special!

I follow this Instagram account, which is just  photos of women’s legs. It sounds weird, but I love it so much! You see such a variety of shapes/sizes and fashion, it’s wonderful. A strange kind of art. I suggest you check it out.

This weekend i’m going to a wedding and I need a dress appropriate for larking about in a garden party reception. There’s been a recent addition on Bloor in my neighbourhood – Kind Exchange (who have a number of other locations) – which is a second-hand clothing store with hand-picked stuff. I got two dresses for under $30! Wonderful. I love finding great new stores to visit in my ‘hood.

Getting crafty! I’ve started crocheting dishclothes which is easy and fun and enormously satisfying. While visiting in Winnipeg I was inspired by our friend Charlene’s transformation of pins/buttons into magnets – I grabbed some cheap magnets and tried it out with some of my reserve of pins (soooo many), and I’m so pleased with it! I’m gonna churn out loads more.

Normally I freak out having to sit in the window seat on flights (I’m an aisle person), but that’s where I got sat because we took Jake on the flight with us. It helped having Adam next to me too, in the middle seat. So I dealt okay and loved getting to see a great view from the plane!
CloverLake view

I loved getting to see Jake get to have some backyard time when we were in Winnipeg staying with Adam’s parents. Rollin’ around in the grass, sniffing things, sneaking raspberries & chasing Adam. So wonderful.


And speaking of my two guys.. yep, love. So much love.
Adam & Jake in the park

Kick-Ass 2: The Disappointening.

Back when Kick-Ass came out, I saw a preview screening here in Toronto, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great action, comic-level violence, wonderful characters and a dark sense of humour. It was exciting and enthralling!

When I watched Kick-Ass 2 last Friday, I enjoyed it while it was happening – and even when I came out I felt “Oh yeah, that was great! So much fun!” But it faded quickly. And then I went back and watched Kick-Ass.

As I watched, I realized Kick-Ass 2 was pretty much unnecessary. It didn’t cover any new ground in the “we’re all vigilante superheroes”/”we’re persecuted due to being superheroes” that stuff like Watchmen & the X-Men haven’t already done (and well). The humour was flat and didn’t have the same tone as the original. Overall the tone was different and even the characters felt flat – you didn’t get to spend enough time with them like you did in the first movie.

I get that it’s scripted and directed by a different team – and that’s usually where sequels find their downfall – but beyond how half-baked the writing and directing ended up being, I still honestly feel we didn’t need a Kick-Ass sequel if it was going to be this one. I’m bummed, because I enjoyed the original so much!

Yes, Spiderman 3 & X-Men 3 were fairly unnecessary as well.. but I still felt like some of the tone & character was there. Maybe because in general a lot of recent superhero sequels/prequels have been enjoyable to me, I expected too much. I’d say if you really loved Kick-Ass, just don’t bother with KA2.

Jake update – how our new family member’s doing.


It’s been almost a month and a half since Jake came to live with us! It’s kinda flown by. Things aren’t quite as overwhelming as when we were first adjusting to having him in our lives. All’s been well with vet visits, and the animal hospital we take him to has been great so far (Dr. Ibey is great with dogs and was really lovely with Jake)! He’s waaaaay less fussy with food now, we’re past the point of accidents in the house, he will play quite a bit (loves tug of war and fetching a couple of toys in particular, but not every sort of toy), and he’s really good about knowing his boundaries in the house (not allowed in the kitchen, he can only come up on the end of our bed if invited). A big help was that he’d been previously crate trained so once we got him a small kennel for our room he had his own space to be in for naps and sleeping at night & a safe space for us to know he could be in while we were out.

The main challenges we have facing us now are just behavioural/training issues. We’ve been taking him to obedience classes at A Leg Up training here in the Annex which is run by Lisa – she’s really fantastic, patient & knows her stuff. She’s really understanding of the fact that Jake’s new to us & also has a lot of ingrained behaviour seeing as he’s almost 5 years old. So although he may have struggled to stay focused in the classes (especially when intimidated by other larger dogs there, or distracted by late arrivals to the class), he’s learnt a couple of good things and it’s been just as important for me learning about how to properly deal with training him!

So far, he’s about 70% good on “sit”, “down” & “stand”  and maybe 25% on “stay”. (We have gotten him to the point where he won’t start eating the food we put down for him until he sits & waits til we say okay though!) Walking was a very being dragged along situation for me and Adam for a while, but around 75% of the time Jake will walk in the heel position beside us which is a huge change! He’s still easily distracted by people/dogs/smells though. He seems to startle easily – unexpected people will set him off barking especially – so that’s going to be a big task to work on.

We’re off to Winnipeg for a vacation tomorrow & Jake will be flying will us in the cabin in a soft-sided carrier. I’m nervous about travelling with him, but excited for our friends and family there to meet him, and for him to get a little vacation to live in a house for a bit & have some play time in the backyard at Adam’s parents house.

It’s nice to see how fat he’s come in this little amount of time, so we’ll revisit his progress in another month or two for comparison! Until then, you can follow on Twitter or Instagram for all the cute pictures of him you could possibly handle!

The Digital Dozen – August 3!

Once again it is time for me to drop by and bestow links for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy! And for those of you here in Ontario, enjoy your long weekend 🙂

  • Do you enjoy Justin Timberlake? It doesn’t matter, You’ll enjoy this genre-shifting short-form cover of ‘My Love’!
  • XKCD recently finished up an epic 3000-something frame long story within one frame – Geekwagon have put it together in a big sequence which you can have autoplay, or you can scroll through. It’s like a mega-GIF of a story. Wonderful!
  • This series of Adventure Time wallets are all terrific, but I’m particularly fond of this one:

    Peskimo Wallet 3

  • Do you read Sinfest? If not, get on that! It’s consistently one of my fave comic strips. Even when there’s no dialogue.
  • Summer life hacks! I am IN LOVE WITH the chip bag suggestion.
  • Nothing will make you smile more than seeing a bear hoedown – or some veritable bear pole dancing – this Saturday!
  • It seems like to do one of these would take a fair amount of time. But a whole Tumblr full? Someone’s got some awesome free time on their hands: Beer Labels in Motion.
  • I love the concept & execution of these gorgeous woodblock prints of (mostly) video game heroes. I am especially desperate for this one:

    Trouble Afoot


  • More collectible TMNT goodness – a couple bought a house (sight unseen which is a bit weird, but maybe it was a foreclosure or deceased estate?) and it has a motherload of TMNT stuff in there. I kinda dig the weapon display!
  • Look at these beautiful story books from McSweeney’s! I love the look of Lost Sloth. I feel the need to buy these for all my friends with kids right now.
  • I’ve seen some interesting ways to promo TV shows before, but I think this might take the cake – a giant dragon skull on a British beach to promote Game of Thrones season 3. Amazing.
  • When design is smart and totally practical, i’m in love. I want ALL JARS to be like these. (I love how angry the guy gets trying to get peanut butter out of that jar!) How is it 2013 and we don’t have jars like this? Gosh.

Things I Love Thursday!

Short ‘n’ sweet!

Firefly is one of my TV loves. Board games is another. Bring the two together and SMASH – Firefly: Out to the Black. I played a prototype of this at the Gathering of Friends earlier this year and it was a fun, challenging co-op with the theme really richly integrated. Great card game. I suggest you get your greedy hands on it as they’re Kickstarting it now! Good luck to Ed Bryan 🙂

And speaking of TV.. I still love Spaced so much, even after many rewatchings. I have seen a lot of Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright on Twitter lately as they’re promoting The World’s End, so I burned through half the first season of Spaced this afternoon and was so great.

When I hear about friends making big life decisions and doing awesome things, it makes me happy. I love that our friend Kris is gearing up to move home to Halifax to open up a board game cafe. Obviously it sucks our friend is leaving, but he has so many exciting adventures ahead of him with this business – I think he’s a smart and lovely dude and will do well with it. Plus, it gives us a nice excuse to head out east sometime!

I love making treats for friends and having them work out nicely and seeing everyone be so excited to enjoy them. So good! These were a hit with my fellow boot campers after our last class of the month yesterday evening. I’m looking forward to making them again and throwing in some variations for flavours.

And finally, I love not moving house. I know it’s kinda esoteric for this list, but at the start of the month when I see folks struggling in and out of our apartment building, trying to get everything into the elevators and just knowing all the extended stress involved with moving.. I’m just really glad to have been settled in one place for a little while. I know it’ll happen again sometime but having had this place with Adam as my home base for nearly two years has been the longest I’ve been in any one home since I left Australia back in 2007!

Enjoy your Thursday evenings, folks!