Things I Love Thursday!

Welcome to another Thursday love-fest! Nice & simple this week.

Pawpaw ointment: this magical salve is simply fermented papaya with a preservative. The packaging claims it’s good for “boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites & nappy rash’ – believe it! I use it most for mosquito bites & to help cuts heal sooner. It’s almost time to get someone to send me more from back home! It’s SO GOOD.


All dressed Ruffles: GET IN MY BELLY. (Mouth becomes vacuum-like around these guys.)


Nerd Girl FitnessI’m nearing the end of my second month of attending Nerd Girl Fitness classes twice a week (helps with the Ruffles habit). Cheryl is a fantastic instructor and makes all of us feel comfortable with who we are and our skill levels, while still pushing us and getting us to work hard. If you’re in Toronto, I highly recommend taking part (and she often runs free Saturday morning classes to try!).

Pimm’s Cup: The ultimate summer beverage – far far superior to sangria if you ask me! A pitcher of Pimm’s mixed with Sprite/7UP (aka Lemonade outside of North America), then exploding with delicious morsels of strawberry, cucumber, mint & orange. YES. Learn the ways of delicious and Pimm’s up the rest of your summer.

Friends are awesome: We just farewelled a friend moving back to England – that’s not exactly something to love, I know. But it reminds me that I know a lot of amazing people who are from all over the place – whether they’re here in Toronto right now, or elsewhere in the world, I know these people remain my friends. It’s such a good feeling. I love that. Lovely people peppered about the globe! If I could just invent teleporting though, the sucky part of distance wouldn’t matter in this equation.


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