The Digital Dozen, late edition.

A Sunday special this weekend, as I was a busy bee yesterday. Enjoy!

  • A long time ago (we used to be friends), Veronica Mars took hold of a special place in my heart. I don’t have the disposable income to say I contributed to the movie Kickstarter, but I’m sure glad 90-something thousand other people did so it is being shot right now. (I’ll be sure to spend at the box office.) Thanks to San Diego Comic Con, I was just flailing at all the familiar marshmallows in this sneak preview. Awww. (There’s also some snippets from the panel over on Bleeding Cool.)
  • I went to a fantastic vegan BBQ last weekend, which i’ve been remiss in not writing about – it was fantastic though! Since then it’s been too hot to think about any kind of BBQ other than this Watermelon Grill. Who wants to hand deliver me one?
  • These creepy organisms really do look like living rocks. They’re pretty fascinating. But why on earth someone would look at this and decide to eat is is way beyond me.

  • Back when I was studying at the University of Queensland, I’d every so often go by the Physics Museum on campus (one of many museums at UQ), and also stroll past the nearby display of the pitch drop experiment. It dripped in my first year there, but nobody caught it on video or at all! Now finally someone’s caught a pitch drop on camera but it wasn’t the UQ one – maybe next time.. in a long time, I guess. The Trinity College one took 69 years.. SCIENCE!
  • This series of photos – ‘Paradise Parking‘ – is a beautiful mix of nature and modern decay. They look unreal! But they’re for real.
  • Adventure Time time! They’re putting out an Adventure Time encyclopaedia which looks pretty sweet. I wish they’d release the Enchiridion.
  • There’s no question that even if you didn’t see the headline you’d know these photos were all from the 90s. So much steeped in big hair and baggy pants. Oh, yeah:
  • One of my favourite podcasts is Good Job Brain, a general trivia and quiz podcast. It’s great fun, full of interesting little nuggets, and the hosts are enthusiastic and jovial. I encourage you to take a listen! I started way back at the board game episode, #22 – but take a look through the archive and see what takes your fancy.
  • Combine street murals and an awesome use of an unusual ‘found’ material to create them, and I’m a fan. These moss murals are so amazingly precise it’s hard to believe they’re created with a pressure washer. So cool.
  • Have you ever seen the Discovery Channel show How It’s Made(Visit the page if you’re in Canada). Back when I lived in a house with cable TV, I’d often find myself sucked in to watching clip after clip as they showed marathons of them. It’s hard to stop watching. Start here (U-locks; teepees; croissants; rolling luggage) and see how much of a hole you fall down.
  • Speaking of the Discovery Channel – there’s going to be a Breaking Bad special of the Mythbusters! Marvelous. While you’re at it, watch this 9 minute recap of everything that’s happened in Breaking Bad til now, in anticipation of the upcoming wrap-up of the series.
  • Allow yourself to be filled with joy while you watch this video of a firefighter saving an unconscious kitten from dying of smoke inhalation. My heart burst. There’s a short clip of an interview with him here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to trawl the internet for delicious bits of SDCC news/clips/etc!


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2 responses to “The Digital Dozen, late edition.”

  1. Renée Sance (@veganza) says :

    The kitten! That guy! ❤

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