Things I love Thursday!

Thursday’s upon us again, let’s get lovin’. It’s a particularly rambly TILT this week 🙂

Let’s get this out of the way: I love the portable air conditioning unit we have in our room. I spent many a non-air-conditioned summer back home in northern-NSW/Brisbane, and I somehow survived. But having this creature comfort has been so nice even in this short summer, and it makes me feel much better about the comfort of Jake when we’re not home!

We got an Aeropress a while back (fun fact: it was invented by the same guy who invented the Aerobie frisbee!), and it’s our preferred coffee brew method at home. (Until we get a nice pourover setup, sometime. Mmm.) Adam gets a chance to work with them a lot at work too, and he’s shown me the ‘inverted’ method for brewing. Although the regular method is great, the inverted method allows better control over the process (no dripping before you create the seal, like with the regular method). I love the inverted method, so much. I tried to make a short video on Instagram showing the superficial differences, but this is a much clearer & more precise tutorial.

Delicious summer eats! One Love Vegetarian is a delicious Caribbean vegan cafe in the Annex – I love their corn soup/stew, and their roti – but the BBQ tofu stirfry (especially smattered with the scotch bonnet hotsauce) is the one I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Especially with the fried plantain and avocado slices topping it off. Mmm.

One Love Vegetarian BBQ tofu stirfry in the park!

Back when I was first getting into horror films, I very quickly became a fan of Peter Jackson’s work pre-LOTR. Braindead is still one of my all-time favourite indie horror flicks, and it certainly gave me an appreciation of horror-comedy, as well as the Evil Dead films. It was very easy for me to fall in love with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost’s efforts with Sean of the Dead (especially being a Spaced fan) considering all this, and I especially enjoyed their follow up Hot Fuzz. I’m very excited for their finale in the ‘Cornetto trilogy’, the World’s End – so when you take all of this preamble you’ll understand why I love this video of Peter Jackon interviewing the Wright/Pegg/Frost trio about The World’s End.

Adam had been telling me about a show he watched a few years ago called Saving Grace, and we have been watching it through on Netflix together – just finished season 2 last night. It is honestly the kind of show I’m surprised I love, but Holly Hunter as Grace is just so bloody great that i’m compelled to keep watching. I’m no woman of faith, but it’s definitely been an enjoyable series to watch.

And finally, catching some shade with this dude:

Shade hangouts



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