Consent, or the distinct lack thereof.

Fantastic post about consent. How this can not be common sense to everyone is beyond me.

rants, raves, and revolution

In a previous post I mentioned a list of various experiences, issues, and topics I want to blog about over time. The same post covered one of these issues – the fact it’s wrong to assume entitlement to look at others, treating or viewing them in an oppressive manner – and now I’m going to approach another, related topic: consent.

Consent, or the distinct lack thereof, has been close to the top of my list for some time. It might be debated on an increasingly regular basis within the counter-culture, but it’s still not discussed enough as a whole. It remains awkward for people to bring up at the best of times, something I’ve become even more aware of in trying to write a clear and concise blog post on it; and regrettably, the concept is commonly misunderstood, with little information circulated on how to gain or refuse consent. Thus…

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