Digital Dozen, July 6!

Time for a delightful mess of internet to paw at.

  • This week’s dose of Adventure Time: totally badass kid’s bedroom all tricked out in Land of Oo wonderment. I’d love to have Gunter looking down on me as I slept.
  • I love public art installations that are surreal and outstanding in the landscape. This great big cardboard box dude is just that. I love this aerial shot of it so much!

    Box by artist Pablo Curutchet

  • Speaking of surreal and outstanding, these 3D architectural illustrations are just that. I especially enjoy the ‘zippered’ buildings, and the bendy tower towards the end of the images at the bottom of the article. This one, too, delights me:

    Stitched Panorama, Victor Enrich

  • Many of these are terrifically creative and some are downright laugh out loud hilarious. My fave is the rapping goldfish. Enjoy this compilation of funny & creative Vine videos.
  • Etsy user Akinobu Izumi makes all these wonderful things in tiny tiny bottles (her day job is making architectural models, so her skills are mad). All of them are so whimsical and awesome, but I love all the dinosaur skeleton ones! It’s like some giant dude decided to start collecting bones in jars – imagine how big you’d be to have jars scaled this miniature to you! I love this:

    Dinos in bottles by ‘tinywordinabottle’

  • Why stick with a regular old Millenium Falcon beanbag chair when you can have a whole dang Millenium Falcon bed? Yeah, exactly!
  • The next Wright/Pegg/Frost join, The World’s End [trailer], is coming up soon – completing the ‘Cornetto’ trilogy – and i’m really looking forward to it. One nice gentleman has done these lovely old-timey posters for each of the three movies with a different Cornetto. A slice of fried gold.
  • Want to see how a key opens a lock? This animated GIF is so simple and awesome at showing the magic inside the lock! So cool.
  • ‘Primates’ is a graphic novel about Jane Goodall, Diane Fossey & Biruté Galdikas (all primate researchers and students of Louis Leakey) and you can read an excerpt over at Boing Boing.

    Primates by Jim Ottaviani

  • More on primates: chimpanzees & dealing with death. Non-human primates are incredibly complex and their emotions and behaviour have always fascinated me. The issue of mortality is a huge one, especially when examining chimpanzees. Very interesting essay.
  • Remember the ‘Homer’ car? Someone MADE ONE! Oh gosh.
  • And I’ll leave you today with a video of a sloth ‘playing’ piano. Oh, internet – never change!

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