New arrival

Jake the Dog

Jake the Dog

On Sunday, Adam & I drove out to Peterborough to pick up this little dude (formally Jack, now Jake) from Loyal Rescue. We met him at Woofstock & learned he’d been in a shelter and then at the rescue for his whole life – he captured our hearts, so we applied to adopt him! Having a dog is a pretty big adjustment life-wise for us, but I especially feel like a newbie as I’ve never had a dog as a pet before, just been a dog-sitter/walker for friends.

As he’d been with Loyal since August 2011, it’s expected that he’ll take a little time to settle in – so we’ve had some accidents, some mis-steps with behaviours (ours & his) and the like. It’s been especially tough to get him interested in different kinds of treats, and any toys (considering he’s a Yorkie/Jack Russell cross he should be play-play-play!). But overall he’s a sweetheart – happy to be out for a walk, well-behaved with other dogs, and is friendly to people.

We’re trying to just be the best parents we can be to him in this adjustment period and hope things settle down to a norm soon. We’re also hoping that mild allergies are only due to adjustment for us, and not indicative of a larger problem 😦 It’s a huge change and a huge challenge, but we’re ready to take it on. I have a lot of reading to do about training! Any suggestions are more than welcome.

Paws during snooze time.

Paws during snooze time.


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6 responses to “New arrival”

  1. Meshell says :

    Congratulations on the new arrival!!!

  2. Duncan Stewart says :

    Two years in shelter, I expect learning to play will take time. But it’s play, so it’s all good! :ppp (emoti’ for ‘lick,lick’) Charlie was rescue too, but much shorter. Fun!

    • nicolehoye says :

      He has been in foster at a rescue for the past couple of years with other dogs, not a shelter, so I expect he was fine with playing. We’ve seen a little, but then he withdraws. Gotta give him time.

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