Digital Dozen – the weekly link roundup!

Happy weekend! Once it’s done, so will the first half of the year be. I’m very much looking forward to July onward. It’s gonna be great! But before all that, here’s my random linkage for this week.

  • You know in the movies when someone ends up in another person’s body (or something like that) & they look in a mirror and kinda wave their hand slowly to figure out it’s them? I feel like that’s what this cat is doing.
  • Subtle Lunacies is my friend Mary’s Etsy store. I have some amazing Dia De Los Muertos-ish earrings and an awesome labyrinth pendant she made, and she’s rocking through some gorgeous stuff right now I’m especially loving the pendants – my favourite:

    Anatomical heart pendant, by Mary.

  • This photoset of ‘Hoarder Barbie’s Trashed Dreamhouse‘ is a fascinating & detailed model. I can’t even imagine the patience it’d take to make this. And even though it’s not a real crazy hoarder house it still gives me ‘I’m-too-tidy’ chills. Uuuugh.

    “The Teenager’s Bedroom” – Carrie M. Becker

  • Hey, did you know that prairie dogs chat? Like, for real – scientists have decoded what they’re saying to each other! “They’re able to describe the colour of clothes the humans are wearing, they’re able to describe the size and shape of humans, even, amazingly, whether a human once appeared with a gun,” Slobodchikoff said. … “In one 10th of a second, they say ‘Tall thin human wearing blue shirt walking slowly across the colony.'” Not only cute but also smart!
  • In the very first entry on this blog, I posted an image – which just happened to be the board game Terra Mystica, which I have a great fondness for. Although I haven’t gotten it to the table in over a month (sadness!), I can reinvigorate my wish to do so by watching this review by the lads over at Shut Up & Sit Down. I encourage you to check it out. Purple Power!
  • For your weekly dose of Adventure Timethis Ice King (Simon) & Marceline cosplay is so incredibly amazing! If you’ve seen the episodes with Simon & Marceline at all you’ll be super mega impressed.
  • Although tulip season has pretty much passed up here, you can enjoy these aerial photos of the tulip fields in North Holland. How can this even be real? It looks like paint samples have been dropped.

    By Anna Paulowna

  • Did you know that there’s a Banksy parody artist called Hansky, who does Tom Hanks versions of some of Banksy’s more popular works? And did you know that Tom Hanks’ daughter interviewed him? How marvelous. There’s some photos in her article, they’re just wonderfully ridiculous.
  • There’s recently been a kinda creepy happening at the University of Manchester Museum (which, incidentally, is a terrific little University museum!). One of the Egyptian statues that’s been on display for years has started slowly rotating over the course of several days. I was quite chuffed that while watching the video I thought to myself “well, it must be the vibrations of visitors/movement around the case!” just like Prof Brian Cox is quoted saying. *smug* Although if it’s just now doing this after being in the same case for years, there most be another variable at play like humidity/temperature affecting the surface it’s sitting on. /nerds out.
  • I’m pretty certain that i’m going to be the kind of dog parent who will try to wake her napping pooch in this way. I’ll be the “Awwww, muuuuuum!!” kinda dog parent. Hehe.
  • Looking at a bunch of food and making the progression to create neat still life portraits out of it is awesome! I really love these images, and especially the coffee bean owl.
  • Taking old art and vamping it up with neat stuff is not a new idea, but I love the concept of these ‘Alternate Histories‘ prints. If I had a mansion with a lovely library or sitting room, I’d be hanging this stuff up all over the place.

    The Menacing of the East River Bridge – Matthew Buchholz


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One response to “Digital Dozen – the weekly link roundup!”

  1. Sue B says :

    Thanks for the linkage. I really enjoyed the cat and the tulip fields (though it made me wish we’d arrived in Holland during daylight, we might have seen fields like this from the plane too), and the Hanksy article. Though I wasn’t aware that Yanks use the term “taking the piss” until now.

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