Digital Dozen – A Roundup of Links

Back in the day of blogs past, I used to go through my saved links in my RSS Reader (once Google Reader, now Feedly) & round up a bunch of cool stuff and post about them all in one place rather than the fleeting sharing I do on FB/Twitter when I come across stuff normally. I have stuff saved in there now from a couple of years ago still (!) so I’m going to start filtering through & cherry picking stuff from the old & new saved things to share once a week. (And oh man, I have to try and work through the dozens of recipes I’ve stowed away, whoa.) I’ll share just a dozen each time to make it feasible & also readable! So, enjoy the first ‘digital dozen’, in no particular order:

Blueberry – image by Caren Alpert

  • I originally saw this linked on Boing Boing: a study on what Canadian English is. It’s fascinating to see the examination of how the waves of settlement throughout Canada’s history have impacted on Canadian English development. And accent-wise, it brings up a point in the start that i’ve always found interesting – “The geographical proximity to the American super power is quite unique to Canadian English and contrasts it with other varieties of English, such as Australian, New Zealand, or UK varieties of English.” As someone who’s got 27 years of Australian English tinged with almost two years of English-English (not to mention all the English telly I watched as a kid), and then all mixed up with 4 years of Torontonian Canadian.. well, let’s just say it’s an interesting read from my perspective of the English language & now being settled here in Canada. It’s so fun to examine what odd remnants there are of certain terms for things, yet how the sounds of language manipulate over time.
  • The High Line is one of my favourite things about New York City. I wish there was a park like this in every city! Gosh. This is from a while back, but still awesome – street view of the High Line.
  • What can you do if you have just one more cup of coffee? Some days I truly do feel like the last one..

    Just one more cup! David Soames & Aaron Jay.

  • When I was a kid, I had a budgie (parakeet) called Sam, and he learnt to say quite a few words/phrases but.. I’ve NEVER seen a budgie with such a wide range. I mean.. the beatboxing! Oh gosh. Birds are strange and amazing.
  • Crochet is a skill I’ve re-learnt in this past year, but I’m still not sure I could quite reach the levels of amazing that would be required to make these throw rugs. Maybe I can work up to it for next winter! This Galaga one is quite fetching..

    Galaga throw by PenelopeandClyde on Etsy

  • Canadian cookbook author Dreena Burton wrote up an amazing guide to buying, storing, preparing & cooking/using greens: Eat your Greens! I have discovered a love of chard, kale & other delicious & nutritious greens thanks to being vegan, and they’re an invaluable addition to your diet, especially when you have great advice like Dreena’s to follow. Nomnom.
  • I dream about the day these Adventure Time footie PJs come back into stock so Adam & I can buy them and dress up and romp about being generally ridiculous and adorable. We already own matching Jake Tees, after all..

    Yeah, we went there.

    Yeah, we went there.

  • Sometimes I think about doing a blog series on the maddening everyday things that other people do that drive me nuts. Then I feel like a bad person for thinking about complaining about things like that. Then I see comics like this (click below) that remind me why I wanted to write the blog series in the first place.

    This is me, every day by Ross Phillips

  • It pleases me when people do ridiculous things like making squirrels look like they have giant heads.
  • Why do our brains do this to us? I am not gonna lie, this happens to me daily.

    Smartphone Cycle, Loldwell

    Smartphone Cycle, Loldwell

  • One of my favourite things to do is collect postcards – that I’ve bought somewhere I’ve been, or that someone’s sent to me. I love getting them in the mail most of all. I would totally dig having this set of 100 Pantone Postcards to send out across the globe (well, maybe after saving a few to tack up on my wall).



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