In Toronto, doin’ stuff.

There’s never nothing to do in Toronto. You have to be trying pretty hard to avoid the festivals, sporting events, theatre, comedy, music, parks, green spaces.. you get the picture. Today Adam & I went to Woofstock down near St Lawrence Market briefly – we love dogs, and it was just a cornucopia of lovely pups everywhere! We were too busy stopping to meet/pat/cuddle dogs to really snap any photos (although I grabbed a quick Vine of some pups playing in a fountain when we were between sections of the festival). We stopped in at some of the rescue organisation’s stalls to chat & even met a lovely sweet dog who we’re considering adopting. I hope come next Woofstock we have our own little dude/lady to visit with!

Lately i’ve also gotten a chance to get out and try some new stuff/visit some new places. My friend Fiona kindly took me to my first baseball game! The Toronto Jays were playing the Atlanta Braves. We had amazing seats in the 100s section near 1st base and we really got involved in the action. I got into the swing of things & understood the basics of the game by the end of the 1st, and we had a fantastic time! Around halfway through we went all the way up to the 500s section and holy moly it was dizzying – but an amazing view right down on everything going on. Back down in our seats we watched the Jays win quite resoundingly, and even had a ball come our way (about a row behind us, and I hid under my arms like a baby). Good times!

A few of my local vegan friends and I wanted to get out into some proper green space so I suggested Rouge Park, not far east in the GTA (you can get there on Toronto’s transit, in fact!). I kinda randomly picked one of the trails for us to go walking on & I think I could’ve done a better job, but it was still nice to wander outdoors. Strange to have reminders of urban settings like power transformers & train lines nearby, but I think we’d have had to go a bit further from TO to avoid that. Afterward we went to see the Scarborough Bluffs, at the base at Bluffer’s Park. It’s so lovely there – a big park, lovely view of the bluffs and also of Lake Ontario. Considering me & a friend were fairly low-energy due to recent sickness, it was a good, easily accessible day out in the outer reaches of Toronto.

(All photos link to my Flickr, where you can see more shots from these outings!)


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