Berlin, 2002: Throwback Thursday

Back in 2002, I went on my first solo overseas jaunt. Brief stops in Frankfurt, Berlin & London/Cambridge, then off to Mexico, followed by flying home from LA. A whirlwind! I saw so many awesome places and things, but this visit to Berlin was amazing. I’d been studying German in high school, and followed up with a little more in University a couple of years before this trip. It was a very unique experience visiting somewhere you are familiar with the language, when it’s not English (Mexico was.. a different story!). I became enamoured with the city – its history, its personality and most of all the amazing museums everywhere. Thanks to this terrific first visit, I ended up going back a few times when I lived in London due to the proximity & relative cheapness of flights there. To this day I have wistful dreams of better German skills so I could run away and live in this beautiful city – for now it’ll remain a place i’ll always be excited to get a chance to go back and visit.


My travelling self posed in front of one of the remaining pieces of the Berlin wall.


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