Throwback Thursday

I’ve been taking part semi-regularly in the ‘Throwback Thursday’ posts on Instagram for a while, and figured I should extend that to the blog now! This week I posted a photo from back in 2007. Thanks to the generosity of friends, I was able to fly from Brisbane to Melbourne and attend a preview screening of Hot Fuzz. After the screening (such a great film) there was a signing and I proceeded along the line getting my Spaced box set signed. I kind of babbled senselessly at Edgar Wright (far left), got a bit more chatty with Nick Frost (in the middle) and by the time I got to Simon Pegg I was feeling much more at ease. At least by the time I got this photo taken with my friend Immy I didn’t look stunned like a deer in headlights. I’m not great at meeting celeb-type people, but this was such a fantastic evening between the screening & just being in a cinema full of like-minded nerds I didn’t really mind (past the babbling..)

Me (on the front left) with my friend Immy and some dudes.


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