Sunshine promises

Spring’s been a sort of a will it/won’t it sort of thing in Toronto these last few weeks. Winter clung on like a piece of gum to our collective shoe when all we wanted was to don shorts and skirts and sit on patios. Then it sort of skipped ahead to more summery weather, forgetting that spring should’ve been next. To top it all off it got bloody chilly again this past weekend, including a frost warning (!) which meant all my recently purchased plants, yet to be planted, needed to come live inside for a bit.

Seedlings cowering on the windowsill inside.

I knew that patience would be best, so I left it until it was definitely warm enough to be comfortable & not chilly out on the balcony. I spent this morning getting everything properly sorted, watered and basking in the sun. Red chilis, cherry tomatoes, basil, chives, lemon thyme & a few pretty flowers. One I don’t know, and the others are gerberas – my mum had a lot of gerberas in our garden when I was a kid and I have a fondness for them – plus, it’s really all that’ll cut it here seeing as the rest of the fare from my childhood generally won’t (hibiscus, frangipani, bottle brushes, birds of paradise.. nope).

Not a glamourous shot, but you get the idea.

As I was feeling pretty productive, I also decided to try and clean the bikes up after being stored on the balcony all winter long, and give their chains some grease in hopes that they’ll be rideable sooner rather than later once we top up their tires. I’m looking forward to the ease of transit that biking affords (although not dealing with shitty drivers – I wish there were more bike lanes in Toronto!).

Get ready for summer, bikes!


And for good measure, here’s what you see when you peer downtown from our balcony. Adam’s set to dangle off the side of the CN Tower today doing the Edge Walk, so I hope the weather stays nice for him!

Blue skies.


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