Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) 2013

I realised as I stood in line outside the Toronto Reference Library this past Saturday morning that this year is the fourth TCAF i’ve attended! I thought i’d done my math wrong, but no. (I even checked and discovered I have photos from back in 2010 (among others), when the crowds were oh so less overwhelming.)

But even though I’m still enthusiastic about the amazingness of this (free!) event – the calibre of exhibitors, the awesome programming, the wonderful panels – I spent less time at TCAF this year than any year before. It really boiled down to personal reasons – lack of spending money & anxiety due to crowds. I missed one of the two panels I wanted to see (the Machine of Death Pictionary one) too, which bummed me out. I did see the other, the Adventure Time panel, which was great. Very neat to see some of the webcomics folks i’ve been reading for a few years talking about working on these projects that aren’t their own creations but having a great time with it anyhow.

Lack of disposable income for me meant a much smaller haul this year, pictured below (i’ve watched my TCAF purchases diminish constantly over these four years, alas), but I am ultra happy with what I got. I also got to wander with my good friend Candice, which was great as she’s a terrific artist who was in awe of all the shiny things and amazingness. I did a quick circle with Adam on Sunday morning too, and we got a chance to check out some of the neat “Comics vs Games” projects on offer (he’s playing “Framed” below).

I’m going to find an empty jar & start putting in spare change so next year I can go to town and get some really cool stuff. (Mostly i’m saving up in anticipation of the next Beartato book. Holy moly I love those books!)

The main floor of TCAF on Saturday afternoon.

Adam trying ‘Framed’

My TCAF haul. Small, but lovely. Beartato book 3, Scott C’s Great Showdowns & a gorgeous gloomy print by Irma Kniivila.





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4 responses to “Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) 2013”

  1. Brett Williams says :

    Jealous! I’ve wanted to attend TCAF for awhile, but I can’t justify the airfare.

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