Chris Hadfield: most awesome astronaut? Definitely most awesome online presence of an astronaut!

Commander Chris Hadfield is coming home from the International Space Station (ISS) today – before his trip, he posted this video. The guy made what is essentially a totally awesome music video in space. It’s amazing and exciting how he’s been engaging with folks down here on earth in his short time on the ISS.

Through regular videos and posting updates & photos on Twitter, he’s done a very simple thing. He’s reached out on the internet (in space! the future is great) with engaging content because he’s enthusiastic about what he’s seeing and he’s doing. It’s super cool to see what goes on up there, how stuff works in space – and let’s face it, the gorgeous views in the photos he posts are pretty awe-inspiring.

The only thing really missing from making this a 100% perfect example of how social media can be awesome is the lack of back and forth of responding to people (although it’s understandable considering his particular situation, and not fair to expect his support team to speak for him); they do retweet a lot of neat stuff though. It’s been a great thing to see the progression of Cmdr Hadfield’s sharing of his experiences and sights from way up there. I hope this has set the social media/sharing bar high enough for people to want to aspire to it!

Having dabbled in social media for a business, I’ve made it a point to not always be trying to sell something – don’t always make things one-sided, let there be a conversation and make sure you listen to what people have to say (good or bad!). Share cool stuff, be enthusiastic, don’t be so narrowly focussed on yourself/your business that you’re unaware of the awesome sphere around you in social networks. This is more likely to foster a good online relationship with peers & customers, and only do good things for your reputation online & off. 

If you’ve not been fortunate enough to be seeing what Cmdr Hadfield’s been posting along his journey, make sure to retrospectively check it out. And then take some positive thoughts out into the social sphere online – share, engage & be enthusiastic when you’re talking about something or with someone. It’s so easy to make social media awesome.



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